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      Esquires Coffee

      World-class cofffee at a world-class museum

      Standard Fulham

      Name: Fulham
      Make: Standard
      Year: 1929

      In the programme for the 1927 Lady Godiva Carnival, the Standard Fulham was advertised as follows:

      "Here is the popular little 9hp, a prime favourite, with a demand that is increasing fast, resulting in an increase in output and – down comes the price from £198 10s. to £185. Is there a secret behind its popularity? To owners, No! Its vogue is wrapped up in the word “Comfort”. Add to its mechanical perfection a body that seats four six-footers with elbow and head room to spare – all on a 9hp chassis. Can you wonder at its popularity."

      This car has a fabric body fitted onto a wooden frame. This makes the vehicle very light allowing it to perform well, even though it has a relatively small 9hp, 4 cylinder side valve engine. A contemporary road test report supports this:

      "It pulls well at both high and low speeds … on top gear it is possible to run at 5mph then smoothly accelerate to 50, and long hills are climbed in comfort with plenty of power in hand."

      The weight advantage these fabric or ‘Weymann’ bodies gave, was countered by their lack of strength and the increase in risk if involved in an accident. As the 1930s progressed the fabric bodies almost completely vanished, replaced by mass produced all metal bodies.

      This vehicle was generously donated to the Museum in 1960 by Mr. B. Allen who had acquired the car in 1931.


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