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      Coventry Transport Museum makes the perfect learning environment for school visits.

      Prices & Offers for Schools 

      Museums and Schools

      We are involved in an exciting partnership with the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, to help Primary school teachers to arrange more museum visits, and bring the curriculum to life for their groups.

      Using funding from the Arts Council and the Department for Education, we are working to increase the number of primary schools taking part in high quality educational visits to museums in Coventry.

      By encouraging schools to get pupils out of the classroom and into museums, together we will spark young people’s curiosity and encourage a lifelong passion for culture and learning.

      Please click here to download a risk assessment form.

      Please note that all schools must book before their visit.

      Any school that visits without booking will be required to pay an admission price of £7 per child and £10.50 for adults.

      Please note there is a 33% charge for cancellations within one month of the visit and 100% charge for a cancellation on the day, except for circumstances beyond your control.

      Special Offers

      Two Session Travel Bursary

      Pay just £5.50 per pupil and your class will enjoy:

      • Two education sessions at Coventry museums, over the course of either one or two days (days do not have to be adjacent – they can be taken at any time during the school year)*
      • Travel bursary of up to £200**, to subsidise transport costs for visits to the museums. 
      • FREE use of a lunch space

      * Each visit must consist of the same pupils

      ** While funding lasts | Learning sessions must take place before the end of March 2020


      Discover in a Day with Arts Award at Coventry Museums

      Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification for children and young people and is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. It offers a flexible framework for arts and cultural activities as well as providing motivation and recognition for young peoples’ achievements. Your class can enjoy a full day of art activities at the museums, whilst also achieving their Arts Awards.

      Find out more here or contact our team at info@culturecoventry.com for more information.


      General Offers

      Museum-led sessions 

      It is just £3.50 per session per head with a minimum charge of £105 for group sizes between 12 - 30. 

      Booking two sessions is just £5.50 per head, with a minimum charge of £165

      This second session can also take place at Coventry Transport Museum, or at the Herbert which is included in this special discounted price.


      Teacher-led Sessions

      If you would like to lead sessions with your class using our resources, it is £2.50 per head, with a minimum charge of £75 for group sizes between 12 - 30.

      We also do a special offer for booking two self-lead sessions. It is only £4 per head, with a minimum charge of £120 for group sizes between 12 - 30.


      Combination Visit

      If you would like to book one museum-led session in addition to one self-led session, you can also save money on this combination offer.

      It is just £5 per head, with a minimum charge of £150 for group sizes between 12 - 30.


      Groups of Less Than 12 - Home Education & SEN 

      If you would like to book learning sessions, but your group is less than 12, we offer a single rate.

      To book one session is £45 for up to 12 students.

      To book two sessions is £90 for up to 12 students.


      Groups of More Than 12 - Home Education & SEN

      If your non-school group is larger than 12, we offer the following rates.

      To book one session is £3.50 per head, with a minimum charge of £45.

      To book two sessions is £5.50 per head, with a minimum charge of £90.


      There are a huge variety of education sessions for your group to enjoy at our museums, so start planning an amazing Coventry museum experience today.

      If you need any advice then don’t hesitate to telephone us, and we will be happy to talk through the best options for your group.

      Phone: 024 7623 7270

      Email: info@culturecoventry.com 

      Don't miss out on the latest from the Coventry Transport Museum

      Home of Record Breakers

      Coventry Transport Museum is home to the world's two fastest cars.

      When you visit the Museum, not only can you marvel at these spectacular feats of British engineering, you can experience travelling through the sound barrier on our 4D Land Speed Record Simulator!



      Bring the curriculum to life!

      Coventry Transport Museum's interactive exhibitions make the perfect venue for school visits in Coventry.

      We offer a wide range of sessions for school groups, all 'Learning Outside The Classroom' quality assured. 


      Join and Support

      Join us in celebrating a unique transport heritage

      There are lots of ways for you to get involved, from supporting us with a financial donation to volunteering your time. 

      We are always looking for people to get involved!