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      Coventry Transport Museum makes the perfect learning environment for school visits.

      Adult Learning

      Coventry Transport Museum has a range of activities designed to help adult learners practise essential English and Maths skills.  

      The activities are suitable for learners undertaking Functional Skills qualifications and other similar literacy and numeracy programmes. The English activities will also benefit ESOL learners.  

      These are free resources, and are available to print for educational use below.

      Alternatively, the activities are available in laminated packs for ease of use while walking around the exhibitions. If you would like to borrow these, please see below.

      Teacher Resources

      Teacher Information Pack - Entry 2 - Level 1 


      Entry 2+ The First Bicycles

      Answer Sheet

      In this activity, learners will practise:

      • Using illustrations, captions and images to locate information
      • Understanding the main points in texts
      • Sequencing words in alphabetical order

      Entry 3+ The Pioneers

      Answer Sheet

      In this activity, learners will practise:

      • Listening for relevant information and detail
      • Spelling words correctly

      Please check with the museum to see if the exhibition interactive required for the activity is working

      Level 1+ Transport Technology

      Answer Sheet

       In this activity, learners will practise:

      • Understanding and using organisational features to locate relevant information
      • Reading and understanding specialist words in context
      • Using knowledge of punctuation to help understanding
      • Spelling words correctly                     


      Entry 2 + Workdays and Holidays

      Answer Sheet

      In this activity, learners will practise:

      • Adding, subtracting, dividing
      • Recognising and naming 2-D and 3-D shapes
      • Describing the properties of common shapes
      • Reading time (on analogue clocks

      Entry 3 + What could you buy? 

      Answer Sheet

      In this activity, learners will practise:

      • Rounding (numbers less than 1000 to the nearest 10 or 100)
      • Adding and subtracting (using three-digit whole numbers)
      • Multiplying (two-digit whole numbers by single-digit whole numbers)
      • Dividing (two-digit whole numbers by single-digit whole numbers)

      Level 1+ The boom in car ownership  

      Answer Sheet

      In this activity, learners will practise:

      • Reading, writing and comparing large numbers
      • Multiplying and dividing (whole numbers and decimals)
      • Using simple formulae for one-step operations      

      Booking Information

      You can book a slot between 10-11.30am, 12.30-2pm or 3-4.30pm

      The adult education resources are free to use, however booking is essential. 

      To book simply contact info@culturecoventry.com.

      Just tell us which learner packs you would like to borrow, and how many of each. (We have up to 30 available for each activity). We also have up to 10 adult answer packs available.  

      Don't miss out on the latest from the Coventry Transport Museum

      Home of Record Breakers

      Coventry Transport Museum is home to the world's two fastest cars.

      When you visit the Museum, not only can you marvel at these spectacular feats of British engineering, you can experience travelling through the sound barrier on our 4D Land Speed Record Simulator!



      Bring the curriculum to life!

      Coventry Transport Museum's interactive exhibitions make the perfect venue for school visits in Coventry.

      We offer a wide range of sessions for school groups, all 'Learning Outside The Classroom' quality assured. 


      Join and Support

      Join us in celebrating a unique transport heritage

      There are lots of ways for you to get involved, from supporting us with a financial donation to volunteering your time. 

      We are always looking for people to get involved!